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Flexia seamlessly combines your casino and online gaming accounts, your casino loyalty program, online gaming and sports betting sites with a digital wallet/Mastercard® debit account to create a truly integrated cashless environment.

An omnichannel approach for your operation.
A better experience for you and your customers.

Flexia’s holistic approach benefits both you and your players. By embracing a cashless, digital solution, you gain more than a simple, safe way to move money—you get easier access to your players and more ways to engage them, along with unique marketing and promotional tools and tracking of customer data for spend activity both inside and outside the casino.

For your customers, they gain the convenience of being able to transfer funds instantly and seamlessly between accounts and the peace of mind of playing in a state-of-the-art, contactless gaming environment.

We customize so you don’t have to compromise

The beauty and elegance of the Flexia cashless solution is that it is fully customizable. We understand that every gaming property has individualized needs, every casino’s data management system is different, and every customer base is unique. Thanks to Flexia’s robust, multi-function platform, we can create a cashless ecosystem tailored to you and you alone. We strive to make the entire experience better—from onboarding to rewarding players—by painstakingly improving all touch points that our solution can improve.

Multiple Load Options

  • Cash at casino
  • Flexia Mastercard account
  • Bank accounts
  • Other credit cards

Drive Casino Loyalty

  • Make purchases online and in stores
  • Earn casino loyalty points for Mastercard spend
  • Participate in special casino promotions

Send Customized Promotions

  • Promotions/events
  • Coupons/offers
  • All branded to your casino

Remove Cash and Embrace Digital

  • Removing cash enables innovative digital transactions
  • Safer and more secure than cash
  • Valuable data access




Unlike other cashless solutions out there, Flexia is solely dedicated to serving casino and gaming operators. It is our focus, our niche, our area of expertise. That means our cashless solution was built from the ground up with your everyday needs in mind—secure and bank-backed, AML and KYC anti-money laundering compliant, streamlined for easy customer onboarding and specialized to flex and flow with your casino management system.

Three service pillars.
One solid foundation for your gaming future.

The Platform

The Flexia Platform powers the engine of our solution, creating an integrated cashless casino system that seamlessly bridges your operation’s closed loop systems with our open loop Mastercard® accounts and other financial networks and institutions.

Key Features

  • Instant Account Creation and Activation
  • KYC & AML Checks
  • Bridges Open/Closed Loop Systems
  • Manage Account Associations
  • Connectivity to External Funding Sources

The App

The Flexia App, co-branded with your casino, along with a Flexia multi-account Mastercard®, provides easy access to a player’s balances, allowing them to move funds between accounts, view promotional content and more.

Key Features

  • Load Funds & Transfer Between Accounts
  • View Account Balances
  • Receive Casino Promotions
  • View Transaction History
  • Manage Account Profile

The Portal

The Flexia Portal enables you to send in-app promotions to cardholders, filtered by location, program or level, while also providing extensive reporting and data management features by casino, group or individual account.

Key Features

  • Web-based Portal
  • Program Management
  • Administrative Security Levels/Access
  • Manage and Send Filtered Promotions
  • Data Monitoring and Reporting

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