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Fintech and Gaming

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Introducing FLEXIA


  • A Mastercard Debit Account

  • Casino/Online Gaming Accounts

  • Casino Loyalty Program Accounts


Issued in Minutes in the Casino

Issued in Minutes in the Casino

  • Integrated to the casino CMS

  • Branded with the casino logo/branding

  • Earns casino loyalty program points 

Instant Transfer Between Accounts

  • To use for cashless gaming in casino play

  • To spend outside the casino on the Mastercard network and get cash at ATMs

  • To instantly load funds from bank accounts


  • See Balances

  • Move Funds in Real Time

  • Load from your Bank Account

  • View Transaction History

  • Receive Casino Promotions


The FLEXIA Platform

The Bridge Among Open and Closed Loop Systems


The Engine that Drives Unique Functionality


The FLEXIA Portal

Enables casinos 
to send customized in-app promotional messages to cardholders

Provides extensive reporting and data management features by casino, group or individual account


About Us

Flexia Payments is a specialty Fintech company with a unique omnichannel platform empowering a truly cashless solution for the gaming industry, leveraging its WaaS   digital wallet engine.


The multi-account Flexia Mastercard debit card/cashless gaming card is integrated into casino management systems and other closed loop platforms, such as online wagering accounts.  Customers can move funds seamlessly among the accounts using the Flexia mobile application. 


The Flexia Platform controls instant card issuance at casino locations, as well as general account management functions, and provides casinos with unique marketing and promotional tools. 

Flexia is currently fully integrated into the Win Systems casino management system (used in 20 countries) which has a growing footprint in the US.


Management Team

Craig Libson


20 years of prepaid experience, building and launching several innovative businesses (CEO at MVNO Xtreme Mobile). Developed and marketed with Visa and MC, as a preferred solution, turnkey P2P and B2C payments platforms utilizing Visa and MC networks (SVP at Planet Payment). Prior career as a corporate attorney and business consultant.

Scott Walker


20 years of gaming, legal, finance, and casino management experience (managed casino property for Deutsche Bank). Specializing in the design, introduction and deployment of new gaming industry products / technologies, including as CEO of Nevada’s first licensed online gaming company (VirtGame). Prior career as an attorney and investment banker

Omar Hernandez


Founder, CTO, & Chairman of Punto Clave ®, the first company in Mexico to offer a cloud-based platform for the POS and payments ecosystem. Punto Clave disrupted transactional services in México by connecting C-stores and major chains (e.g.,7-11) to the financial system in an innovative, economic and efficient way. Punto Clave was acquired by Edenred, a French based company and global player in transactional solutions.


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