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    Cashless. Contactless. Effortless. Seamless. Limitless.

    Offering a cashless solution is crucial to bringing your gaming operation in line with the needs of today’s consumers. Whether for your casino, resort, sportsbook or online gaming platform, an integrated cashless system is the safe, secure and convenient way to expand your audience, enhance customer experience and improve your bottom line.

    Transform your gaming ecosystem

    Flexia® empowers an innovative omnichannel solution—giving your players instant access to their funds when and where they want while seamlessly integrating with your loyalty program and extending benefits beyond the walls of the casino.

    With Flexia, your players can easily load funds from bank accounts, debit cards or e-wallets, as well as transfer funds between their digital wallet, gaming accounts and favorite games.

    Flexia is your omnichannel solution

    We are a specialty fintech company with a unique platform that empowers a truly cashless solution for the gaming industry by bridging, linking and coordinating multiple open and closed loop ecosystems through a robust platform and customer mobile application.

    Who is it for?

    Flexia serves casinos, online gaming, mobile sportsbooks, and lottery operators. We provide your customers a seamless experience with the flexibility to move their money among their different gaming accounts and the liquidity to access their funds immediately.

    How does it work?

    We combine casino and online gaming accounts, casino loyalty program accounts and a digital wallet/Mastercard® debit account into a single cashless solution. Our proprietary platform empowers a personalized Flexia app and card issued at the casino, instant loads from banks and debit cards, and the movement of funds instantly among the accounts using the Flexia app.

    Why is Flexia better?

    Unlike other platforms that cannot “flex” to your gaming operation’s specific needs, Flexia is fully customizable to ensure that our solution works seamlessly with your existing casino management system and online gaming platform. The Flexia solution is personalized to your operation, from branding to tie-ins with your customer loyalty program.

    The flexibility you want.
    The functionality you need.

    Cashless convenience is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why we offer customized solutions tailored to your casino operation, all of which translates to a smarter system for you and a better gaming experience for your players.


    Cashless gaming is safer for the customer and the casino by reducing theft and fraud.

    Cash Management

    Flexia enables innovative digital payment solutions and electronic cash-outs, reducing cash needed on site.


    Your casino brand, look and feel is prominent in the Flexia app and card.

    Customer Data

    Flexia gives the casino access to customer spend data outside of the casino for analytics and targeted promotions.


    Flexia enables casinos to send customized, filtered in-app promotions, event information and coupons directly to customers.


    Streamline the customer onboarding and KYC/AML and other compliance processes across multiple components and modules.

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