A partnership that puts you in the win column

As good as our solutions and technology are, the magic really happens through the thoughtful collaboration and integration of our empowering platform with your gaming system. Our goal is to provide the ideal cashless solution that meets the needs of your operation and ultimately the needs of your customers. If you succeed, we do too.

What You Get With Flexia As Your Partner

You get a fintech expert focused on the gaming industry with a robust, flexible platform specifically created for the gaming industry—not an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all general payment platform originally developed for another market.  

You get a team whose combined gaming and fintech expertise enables us to understand your current infrastructure and operations. We work closely with you to customize the Flexia solution—bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

You get a partner who is committed to collaboration and to sharing the unique capabilities of our platform beyond simply moving funds. Your partnership with Flexia provides additional value in compliance, marketing and promotions features, data mining and more.

Most of all, you get the single cashless solution you’ve been looking for—a platform exclusively created for gaming operators that is customizable, robust, secure and easy to integrate.

Our Technology Partners

Flexia works with leading processing and compliance partners to ensure that we deliver the most robust, innovative and secure cashless solution to meet the gaming industry’s changing needs.

Ready to go cashless?

We’re here to help you evolve your gaming operation for the next generation of gaming.