FLEXIA and AXES Forge Cashless Strategic Alliance

Las Vegas, Nevada (July 21, 2022) – AXES.ai (“AXES” or the “Company”) and Flexia Payments LLC (“Flexia”) are pleased to announce a strategic alliance to unite Open and Closed Payments into one seamless, frictionless customer experience.

This partnership will enable AXES to integrate and deliver all of Flexia’s Fintech capabilities, including linked open loop cashless customer accounts, as well as Know Your Client (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening, which will be coupled with AXES’ real-time customer dashboards and alerts to the entire AXES Cloud, comprised of Closed loop Cashless Platform, Loyalty and Engagement platform, Business Intelligence Platform and the DooH Media Platform.

“I am over the moon,” stated Earle G. Hall, President & CEO of AXES. “The Flexia Open Loop Cashless Solution is simply extraordinary. The customer onboarding process is seamless and frictionless and with the AXES loyalty and engagement engine, we plan on making it fun and rewarding. The Flexia company culture is what sealed the deal for us as beyond great technology, they are great people. We will have the entire solution fully integrated and on demonstration in our booth at G2E.”

“The AXES Cloud is quite unique in that it offers the functionality of all casino systems combined into one environment,” stated Craig Libson, CEO of Flexia. “AXES has been doing cashless in casinos for ten years and has integrated loyalty, engagement, rewards, promotions and real-time notifications and alerts from their business intelligence engine. Like Flexia, AXES was built with a next-gen view of what the industry needs and the ability to seamless interact with complimentary platforms. This brings the Flexia cashless solution to a whole new level of casino touch points, as we can actively engage and educate throughout the customer journey to ensure the migration to cashless is a success. We are very excited to be demonstrating the functional solution in our booth at G2E.”

AXES and Flexia will each be exhibiting at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, NV from October 11-13, 2022. To learn more about this partnership, please stop by AXES’ booth 2844 and Flexia’s booth 3012.


Flexia, a specialty Fintech company, transforms the customer experience with a truly cashless solution – providing players ease and flexibility to fund their gaming accounts and extending casino loyalty benefits beyond the walls of the casino.  The Flexia® Cashless Solution has modernized digital payments by linking gaming accounts with the external payments ecosystem and enabling customers to earn loyalty points for spend outside the casino.  Flexia is the only provider to combine multiple accounts – casino and online wagering accounts, casino loyalty program, and a Flexia Prepaid Mastercard® – into a single cashless solution. Learn more at FlexiaPayments.com.


AXES.ai, is a world-class Fintech, present in more than 40 countries. The AXES Cloud comprises four platforms: Cashless, Loyalty and Engagement, Business Intelligence, and DooH Media. AXES Fintech integrates the entire cashless digital workflow from open to closed loop, cashier, kiosks, and the flagship all-inclusive Butler player APP. AXES Media boasts a highly engaging interactive media experience to broadcast publicity, ads, information, and clickable content and is fully integrated with the AXES Cashless Experience. AXES empowers governments, casinos, and route/street with real-time IoT data collection, actionable information, fully integrated cashless applications and endless APPS, making AXES the future of casino information management TODAY.  For more information, contact info@AXES.ai

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